How Does an Air Freight Forwarder Help You?

Running an ever-expanding business is great. Your business becomes more prosperous and you can reach and serve more customers nationwide or even worldwide. As your business expands, however, new problems will also arise. One specific problem is related to how you will distribute your goods to your customers. If your business has already had many branches, stores or distribution centers in different states or even countries, you have to plan how you will distribute the goods your manufacturing facility produces to all of those stores. If you have multiple manufacturing facilities in different places where your stores are located, distribution may not be a very big deal, but unless your business is currently in such condition, you have to think hard about this distribution issue.

Freight Forwarding Services are services that are intended to help you handle this distribution issue. A freight forwarder will help you plan the distribution of your goods and make sure that your goods reach your stores and—more importantly—your customers on time and in perfect condition. A freight forwarder will handle many problems related to distribution including transportation time and distance. Therefore, even if you are in need of same day interstate distribution, a forwarder can make sure that the goods you are going to distribute will reach their destination on the same day.

A freight forwarder is not a shipping company. It never ships your goods alone and—in fact—it doesn’t have any vessels, as well as shipping infrastructure and assets at all. A freight forwarder as an intermediary between you as the owner of the goods and various shipping companies as well as other companies that are concerned with the shipment and transportation of goods. As you have already known, shipping and distribution is a rather complicated process that involves many carriers and legal procedures.

A freight forwarder makes sure that you don’t have to be not burdened with such complexities when you try to move your goods from one place to another. If you are dealing with Overnight Freight, your freight forwarder will reach all of its associates to give your goods a streamlined way to reach their destination on time.

Your cooperation with a freight forwarder can be a short-term or long-term one; however, because working with a freight forwarder is more cost-effective than establishing multiple manufacturing facilities and distribution centers in various locations, a long-term cooperation with a freight forwarder will be advantageous for you.

You can now benefit from Air Freight without having to have an aircraft to transport your goods and you can expect your goods to reach their destination on time and in perfect condition without getting worried very much. Because urgent shipment will not be a big deal anymore for your company, you can now serve your customers better and gain their trust and loyalty. This is obviously great for your business because the biggest asset that your business need in order to expand is your customers’ trust. By working with a freight forwarder, you have taken a great leap toward making your business a prosperous one.

Air Charter Service Types

Distribution is an important part of a business. It is so important that it determines whether a business will grow or will fall. Any companies that sell goods to their customers have to make sure that their goods reach their customers on time and in perfect condition. If they serve customers in different states and even countries, distribution will become a concern because there are problems with shipping time, distance and legalities that they have to see to when dealing with their distribution issue. If they fail to distribute their goods properly, they will start their customers’ trust. This can be a great risk because without such trust, they can hardly survive, let alone grow.

If you are running a company that has to deal with distribution issue, to make sure that distribution will not be a great deal for you, you can rely on Air freight charter service. A freight charter company will help you in two ways. First, it will manage the shipment of your goods so that you don’t have to deal with the regulations, legalities and requirements related to such shipment. Second, the company will also transport your goods so that they can reach their destination on time and in perfect condition.

An air charter service is just one of various types of charter service available for you. As you have already known, to handle International Freight, you can rely on either air charter or ocean freight service. You can also hire road freight, rail freight or courier service to handle interstate distribution. An air charter service is the only one that can ensure fastest distribution of your goods. If you have to deal with urgent Same Day Interstate or even international shipment, an air charter service is the only service that can fulfill your need and make sure that your goods can be transported safely on the same day.

When you are hiring an air charter service, you have to specify the type of service that you want to hire. An air charter company can help you ship your goods from your manufacturing facility to an airport in your destination or even right to your distribution center. In brief, the types of service provided by an air charter company may include airport-to-airport, door-to-airport and door-to-door delivery services. An air charter company may also handle the packing/unpacking of your goods, shipment insurance, customs clearance and brokerage, and hazardous goods processing.

Speaking about hazardous goods, Airways Freight Company can handle almost any types of goods that you want to ship or distribute. It can handle the shipment of general cargo or more sensitive cargo types that require specific handling, including live animals, perishables, oil and gas, and military equipment. It is important to make sure that you inform the company about the goods that you want to ship so that it can provide the best service to deliver your goods. With the help it provides to you, you can make sure that no matter what type of goods you are going to ship, it will always reach its destination safely and perfectly.

All about Same Day Air Freight

In general, freight forwarder can be classified into 2 types, air freight and sea freight. Air freight allows the clients to send their packages soon. Even it can be made only in a few days. But for the special situation, people need more than that. They need something faster. There is no time to be late even for a few minutes. To answer this necessity, some Freight Forwarding Services offer same day service. But what is same day air freight?

Same Day Air Freight is the answer for people who really need a super-fast delivery. Just like the name, this service allows the package to be delivered and received in the same day. For example, if you deliver it in Friday, it will be received on Friday too.

The best thing about this service is about the speed. This is why it is perfect for important deliveries. But there is another thing to know. Some forwarding companies may limit the package. On FedEx, the packaged was limited on 150 lbs. Any packages over 150 lbs. will not be received. The destination is also limited. In the most case, they only receive a same day order within a city or within a country. Sometimes, they also offer cross country delivery in a few hours, although there will be some limitation. But overall, distance is the main consideration for this service. The different service may have the different policies. To know more about it, you can see the official site.

Product type limitation, this is the next thing to know. A same day International Air Freight also has several limitations to the type of the package. They only received the several packages, specifically the small items. Hazardous goods may accept too, but it limited by the law. Several hazardous goods that accepted are vaccines, batteries, dry ice, swimming pool chemicals, aerosol, chemicals, magnets, photographic supplies, ammunition, mining equipment and the others. To know more about it, you can ask it to the service or take a look to the official website.

On the same day air freight, the package will be delivered very well. In the most case, it will be handled by door to door delivery. So, the package will be delivered to the client directly. There is no need to visit the branch office anymore.

The next thing to know is about the cost. Compared to the regular service, same day air freight is more expensive. It caused by its urgency and its speed. The packages will be specifically addressed. The safety will be noted carefully.

In this time, there are many Air Freight Companies that offer same day forwarder service. There are FedEx, NGL and many more. But before asking a same day delivery service, make sure to take note to the experience and the reputation of the service. They must be experienced on this service and need to know about how to handle your package. You can ask about it. Beside it, find out about the network of the service. And for the last, think about the cost.

Tips to Choose an International Freight Forwarder

Finding a reliable freight forwarder is not always easy. For a business people, there must be more considerations. Although reputation can be a good parameter for this, considering about its name and its reputation are not enough. The price is also need to consider. It is interesting to talk about how to find the right international freight forwarder. But before making a choice, you have to know about what you need first.

Look inside and find out more about what you really need. Consider about the types of goods, the durability, the number and the destination of the delivery. This information will really help you to select the type of the freight such as Air Freight or sea freight.

Find the candidates from the list of the top global freight forwarder. Take a look from the top until the bottom. You can also see their capability and their specialization here. Of course their service is not cheap, but this is the easiest way to find the reliable service and create a long lasting partnership. In here, you also need to find out about the number of the air freight and the sea freight. Ideally, you have to open with any possibilities and choose a forwarder service that has air freight and sea freight service.

Consider about the experience. But if you search it on the list of the top global forwarder, there is nothing to worry about their experience. The next thing to consider is about their specialization. Some of them are focusing on the specific commodities. In the other case, the number of their sea freight is higher than the air freight. From here, you can see what they are really good in.

Sending a Package Overseas is cheaper than using air freight. This is true, but it may take a longer time. If you care about the cost, do not forget to consider about the urgency. To send the large number of packages, sea freight is better and more affordable. But in the other case, you also need to consider about the time. You may face those situations, so do not be trapped by the price.

Ask about the forwarder network. At least, make sure the Freight Forwarding Service has a network with your market or partner. Although they have international network and a link to the destination, you also need to find out more about its location. If the location is too far from your potential markets or partners, course you have to spend more money just for the delivery service. This consideration relates to the cost consideration too.

The good customer service will allow you to monitor the shipment and ask for the specific service. For this, considering about the professionalism of the customer service is also necessary. Although they have the good Air Freight Service, it will be useless if you cannot monitor your goods and find out more about the shipment. To know it, you can see the availability of the customer service first. Make sure it is easy to contact. You can try to contact the customer service to find out more about how they response their clients too.

The Top Sea Freight Services

The level of demand for freight services are increasing. Export and import are not just owning by the company. In this time, individuals become more active on this activity too. The number of international forwarder and sea freight is increasing too. But before asking their help, this is important to know about the top services on this industry.

When it talks about Sea Freight or international forwarder, DHL seems to be a familiar name. It has the huge branches around the world that makes it as one of the biggest forwarders in the world. Their service type is not just about sea freight but also air freight.

The second name that has become the top freight service is Kuehne + Nagel. For the ocean TEUs, this company recorded the better result than DHL. Their service is also really good. All packages will be handled well and forwarded safely. The large network has been owned by this service too. They can forward your package to over 1000 location in more than 100 countries. In serving the clients, they are focusing on IT based integrated logistic too.

On the third position, there is DB Schenker Logistics. In 2013, it was recorded 1,905,000 ocean TEUs number and 1,095,000 of airfreight metric tons. As an International Freight Transport, it also has the good network around the world. Romantrans which is the largest forwarding company in Romania was acquired by DB Schenker Logistics in 2008. Beside it, BAX and Spain-Tir also become the part of their corporation since 2006 and 2007.

Although the first position has been taken by DHL, Sinotrans still the Best Sea Freight in the world. For several years, this company was protected by China’s People from the direct foreign competition. But recently, it opens to the world competition and impressively recording the good result. Unlike the other forwarder services, this company seems to be focusing on the sea freight. It can be seen from the Ocean TEUs of Sinotrans that reached up to 8,237,000 in 2013. This is much higher than DHL’s Ocean TEUs. But as the consequences, it just recorded 417,200 metric tons of airfreight. Beside it, Sinotrans was forwarded about 16.9 million express document around the world.

Panalpina, this is the fifth company on the list of the top global freight forwarder. It handled more than 1.3 million TEUs per year and forward over 800,000 metric tons of airfreight. As one of the largest Freight Services Providers in the world, it has the large network over 150 countries. There are about 243 sub contracted warehouse on those countries. In their service, they are focusing on 9 segments which is including chemicals, automotive, consumer retail, healthcare, fashion, manufacturing, high tech, telecommunications and oil & gas.

Next, there is CEVA Logistics. It has known as the largest automotive 3PL in the world. They also has the good network around the world. In 2013, it recorded about 783,378 ocean TEUs and 550,000 metric tons of airfreight. And uniquely, the business is not just focusing on the forwarder service. It also has the other business unit on the other industries such as automotive, technology, consumer, energy and industrial.

Starting a Business of Exporting Goods

Exporting goods seems to be good and easy. That being said, as a businessman steps into the industry and wishes to be success, there will be a need to be careful. Starting the business to export goods to other countries is not particularly easy. There are several important things to be considered including about international freight. The first thing needs to be done is finding the niche of business and target market. It is recommended to conduct a little bit of research in order to find the best niche and target that will bring profits to the business. Try to consider about:

  • Service or products to be sold.
  • The end user aimed by the business (i.e. heavy industry, mass-market consumer, heavy industry, medical or the hospital use, government, light industry, professional or business)
  • Countries to export goods to.
  • Trading channel to be used such as commission representative, direct sales or others.

Calculating the Start Up Cost

This is another thing to be considered. Office equipments such as computers, modem, printer and fax will be necessary. Some exporters started from zero until they got large projects. Business won’t take off immediately and considering many things such as international shipping will take time.

Exporting goods as a business is very profitable. Depending on how willing a businessman to expand the business, the profits can be thousands or even hundreds thousands. What needs to be done is to know exactly the target and find the best and most ideal goods to be exported. Naturally, when considering about container logistics. The international traders will to consider about how to get payment from customers. Considering the income and billing will come as very important. While considering, try to determine the cost of exported goods and the service of exporting goods. Try to determine the correct number without undercharging or overcharging customers.

Usually, business of exporting goods will use two basic methods, the retainer and the commission. Retainer is good for products harder to be sold and will require many researches for the market. Commission will be good for products easy to be sold. Another method is by purchasing the products right away then export and sell them abroad. This is a very common thing to be done by utilizing air freight service and good for buyers who rather have exporters as distributors.

What Can Be Found in Exporters’ Path?

When an exporter has found good buyers, what should be done? Well, the path of exporters will always be filled with the following things:

  • Generating the pro forma invoice. Give buyers the quote to the business products and negotiate with them if necessary.
  • Check and receive the letter of credit from the bank.
  • Check the letter of credit and fulfill the terms of it. Make sure that the products are ready alongside the international freight shipping and insurance agreements. Pack the products and deliver them to buyers.
  • Collect the documents of shipment and present the documents to the bank.

What to Find Out Before Using an Air Freight Forwarder Service

Delivering the large number of goods is not just difficult and complicated. It also costly and wasting time. Although there air freight forwarder service allows people to do it faster, selecting the reliable service is still complicated. There are too many services out there and claiming themselves as the best service. Before using an air freight forwarder, you can consider it. Find out more about the service and getting the right service will be simpler.

To find the right air freight Australia, you have to know about the internal requirements. You have to know about what you really need. Determine the transport mode, the volume to ship and look for the service that you need before contacting the forwarder. Do not forget research their industry. You have to know about what the forwarder can and cannot do. Know what their responsibility and yours. Read the regulation, the industry terms and the other related information. It will help you to get the best service from them.

Find out about the other type of shipment. Make sure your Freight Forwarding Services have it. For now, maybe the ocean freight is enough for you. But what if you need the air freight too? Before using the service, ask it to the forwarder. If they have the multiple types of shipment, find out more about their experience on it.

Before using a service, experience will always be the first thing to consider. Do they have the experience? If they already have, is it enough for you? Sometimes, a freight service is only experienced in forwarding the specific items. They may capable to ship the other items, but they will always have a specialization. At least, it depends on the most often order. Find out more about it. Make sure they have enough experience in shipping your items.

Make sure the International Air Freight has a network with your destination country. This is vital. It reflects their experience and how they handle the shipment too. If they already have a network with your destination country, course they really know about the regulation of the destination country. In the other words, it will affect to the term of the shipment too.

Find out more about the mode of the service. Do they have Door-to-door Delivery of Packages or the other modes? The various modes will allow you to select the mode as you need. Course you never know about what it will going to be in the future. In time, you may need port to port or port to door mode. If the service already have the various modes, it will help you to save more time too. At least, you do not need to find the other forwarder and make the expensive research for this.

Do they have the cargo insurance? This is the next thing to ask. As you know, nature can be so unpredictable. Your cargo may damage and theft during the shipment. Before it happens, make sure the forwarder has the cargo insurance and there is nothing to worry about those risks.

Tips before Moving Overseas

Moving overseas is not just giving the big challenge. The challenge is not just about how to adapt with the new environment. In fact, the challenge begins from the preparation. People need to consider about what to bring, how to bring it and about how much it costs. Without preparation, moving overseas can be a big mess. For this, know what you need and do your homework as soon as possible.

Before moving containers, you have to know about the destination. Take a look about the country you will be living. Find information as much as possible. This is including the environment, the culture and the neighborhood. If the destination speaks in the different language, take a language class is better. It will be very useful for you and allows you to adapt with the new environment sooner.

Meet all the administrative requirements. Before Move Abroad, there will be several documents to prepare. If you want to move overseas and change the citizenship, you have to do it and through the long procedure. But if you move for a work, you just need to get visa and passport. You can start it by checking the visa requirements. Overlook the necessary paperwork may delay the move for a few weeks even a few months. For this, finish it as soon as possible.

Preparation will always take a longer time. Ideally, you have to prepare it a few years before movement. But you cannot expect the ideal situation. If you have to move only in a few months, you have to save more money since that time. If you already save a few money, you have to do more. In this situation, you need to boost the process by doing it more than usual. This is very important. No matter how well the preparation, move abroad can be more expensive than you ever think before. Generally, there will be several expenses such as clothing, vehicle, living place, passport, visa, transportation and luggage.

Find out about the reliable International Moving Companies and select the right one. How to find the reliable moving company? It is simply by looking to its reputation. One thing you can see on the reliable company is about the reputation. They have the good reputation and have been trusted by many people. They also have the guarantee service and offer the competitive cost. Beside it, take a look to the facility and find out about how experienced the service is.

Think about travel insurance. Traveling can be so unpredictable. Although no one expect it, it may appear just like that. Travel insurance is good for this situation. It will cover you during the move abroad and protect you by the medical emergency. If you have a travel insurance, make sure to check the expiration date. At least, make sure it covers you during the mover overseas.

One more thing that you also need to consider is about the job. If you move it for business, maybe you do not need to worry about it. But if you move for the other reason, you have to find the job in the new place. As Moving Overseas Tips, it will be better to find it before moving.

Various Shipping Services from Australia to USA

International shipping is not cheap. The long distance and the cross regulation make the international shipment can be so expensive. Maybe this is impossible to find the cheap one, but it is possible to find the competitive price. For Australia to USA shipment, there must be a few things to consider. Besides considering about the international air freight service, reputation must be considered too. At least, it helps you to send the goods safely.

If you are looking for an affordable air freight, you can consider about Self pack containers. In here, you can pack the goods by yourself. It allows you to package it as well as you want. You can also ask the packing service from the other service before shipping it to the destination. If you want to make sure the packaging by yourself, this service is ideal for you. Beside it, it is possible for you to save more money too. At least, you can get it if you packing the goods alone.

In the specific situation, people may need the special service too. Shipping a goods is also the same. To ship more goods, you may need huge freight service. And for the long distance such as Australia to USA, you may need the reputable Air Freight Australia service. Air freight is much better than sea freight. The best thing about this service relates to the time. To send commodity, air freight is the ideal choice, especially for foodstuffs. Rotten food can be reduced by this way.

International Shipping is special designed for shipping goods across the country. But this service is also available in the various models. It can be ship through the sea or through the air. The service also separated based on the item. At least, it classified into documents and merchandise. It also affect to the cost. In the most case, shipping document is cheaper than shipping merchandise. It may cost about a hundred dollar. But the weight of the item also affect to the cost. The more weight, the more expensive.

For the large delivery, freight service is the better choice. It is capable to ship the large number of goods or even the large good. Talking about the cost, it can be more competitive too. The International Freight service will set the price as competitive as it can be. Compared with the normal shipment, this is more affordable, especially if you calculate it in the single item. For a commercial or business, international freight can be the best choice.

Before selecting a shipping service, one thing that must be consider is about the capacity of goods and the reputation of the shipping service itself. For a single item, the conventional shipment is enough. But for the large shipment, freight service is better. Next, consider about the reputation of the shipping service. You can see it from the popularity. If the service is popular, it seems the service is pretty good. And to get the best deal, comparison will be the best way to find the best offer.